Better Value for a Brighter Smile

There are many things that our office offers a patient that is above and beyond what you might expect in a typical dental office.


  • We offer free second opinions. If you have paid for an exam recently at another dental office and feel your assessment or care were lacking, let us give you a free second opinion. You don’t even have to show us your past treatment plan. We explain your needs thoroughly, show you evidence either by clinically-visual evidence or x-ray evidence and explain all steps required to treat your situation. Then you can decide.
  • We offer reasonable fees. We feel our quality is top-notch, while our fees are often 25 percent less than other offices in town.
  • We have a 24-hour live answering service. Patients of record have the of luxury knowing they can always reach us personally in a time of dental emergency. One call to our office phone number any time of day and any day of the week will be answered by a live service. That service has our cell numbers and will relay the call for a prompt call back to you with individualized and immediate care.
  • We do not have warranties. Our word is our warranty. If any treatment does not last as long as we feel appropriate, we will re-treat at no charge.
  • We do not advertise. Advertising increases costs, which are often passed along to the patients in the form of fees. We try to be easily found in the phone book and have an online presence, mostly for the convenience of our patients. All of our advertising is through the word of mouth exposure from our patients. We want to take such good care of you that you feel compelled to tell friends and family of our services.
  • We accept most insurances. If we happen to not accept one, we will help direct you to anywhere that does.


Bottom line, we try to treat you as we would like to be treated. We treat you as family. It should show from the time you walk through the front door. Give us a chance to earn your business, and we think we will improve your opinion of what it is like to go to the dentist.